The My Health, My School survey is a pupil perception survey that asks children and young people (CYP) a number of questions in order to generate vital information on the health and wellbeing of these individuals. They are completed anonymously on-line or using a printed version.

Surveys have been specially designed and tailored for CYP in years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 11, (as well as separate surveys for Post 16 and SEND provisions).

If you are a Torbay School, you can access the My Health My School surveys for FREE until Aug 2024.

An example of the statistical information MHMS provides after completion of the surveys

statistical information example from MHMS



What are the surveys for?

The data provided can allow schools and the Public Health team to tailor interventions to improve the data and the lives of CYP for the future.

This data set can also be compared year on year, as well as to the local authority as a whole and can also be compared between year groups and genders, with resources available to action plan for improvements to the data in certain areas.


What types of questions do they ask?

The survey comprises of a range of questions on the eight themes:

• All About Me (demographics)

• Healthy Eating

• Physical Activity and Sport

• PE in School

• Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

• Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

• Sexual Health

• My School/College

To register for the My health my school survey:

  1. Go to My health my school survey and click ‘Register’. Please note it is the My Health My School Survey and not the Wellbeing Survey (the wellbeing survey refers to post Covid-19 wellbeing and is not free to schools in Torbay)
  2. In the ‘Local Authority’ drop-down list select ‘Torbay’ and then select your school’s name
  3. Complete any blank sections with your school’s details and click ‘Create an account’. In billing information, please enter ‘0-19Torbay ’ in every box
  4. You will then receive email confirmation of your registration and will be provided with access to your account.
  5. Once registered you will have access to the surveys, letters and videos for parents and so much more

To find out more about the My health my school survey, or if you are difficulty registering please contact our 0 to 19 Torbay team at

Completing the My health, my school survey will mean we will have a sound and evidence based foundation for our continuing improvements in PSHE and ensuring we know our students’ physical and mental health needs.”

Once you have registered please log into the managers site where you will find The My Health, My School survey eUser Guide Video, the video gives a tour of the survey and provides lots of useful information on how to:

  • Register for the Survey
  • Prepare for the Survey
  • Complete the survey
  • Download and analyse your survey results