Thanks to generous grant funding, we are able to support schools and organisations working with Looked after Children/children with SEND free of charge.

We know it is essential that these children are fully supported because:

  • Children who experience childhood adversity are twice as likely to binge drink
  • Children with ADHD are three times more likely to face addiction when older
  • Children with learning difficulties are three times more likely to be abused, with alcohol a factor in grooming and violence.

Award winning resources for tailored and effective alcohol education

We are able to provide a full pack of our resources (usually £90). The pack includes:

  • AET Teacher Workbook
  • AET SEND Workbook
  • BAFTA winning DVD of ‘Just a Few Drinks’
  • Full access to the SEND area of website with lesson plans, PowerPoints etc.
  • Laminated resources for use with the SEND workbook

Our resources for pupils with SEND focus on understanding consent and are picture and story rich, ensuring they are appropriate for use with pupils who have a range of abilities.

New activity box of resources

If you work in a setting such as a youth or sports club and would benefit from the activity cards and DVD from the full pack but don't need the Teacher Workbook, we have an exciting new activity box launching soon which includes new activities such as higher harms discussions, consequence cards and a quiz.

Usually £45, we are able to provide this free of charge to those working with Looked after Children/ children with SEND.

Staff and teacher training

We are also able to offer staff/teacher training for those working with Looked after Children/pupils with SEN free of charge. During the sessions, we demonstrate best-practice use of our resources and provide ideas for games and activities ensuring you come away equipped to deliver effective and appropriate alcohol education for the children you work with.

If you are interested in any of the above materials please contact

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