In a historic and significant vote yesterday (27th March 2019) UK MPs voted by a majority of 538 to 21 to ensure that Relationship and Sex Education guidance will be updated to reflect an inclusive and up to date curriculum for all young people. Both Torbay MPs voted in favour. 

The guidance and subsequent curriculum will be adapted to be inclusive, sensitive and age appropriate. Primary School pupils will receive Relationships Education while secondary schools will learn about Sex and Relationships. 

The changes, expected to start at least from September 2020 will include teaching about a range of family models from adopted families, blended families and same sex families. The guidance and curriculum will address damaging stereotypes, including those based on sexual orientation and gender. It will also focus on healthy relationships, respect for self and others, consent, boundaries, recognising unhealthy relationships and managing conflict. There will also be a renewed focus on safety online in the context of relationships. 

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