#CPRinSchools is a national initiative for trainee healthcare professionals to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation to children in secondary schools. The initiative was founded by Dr Marina Soltan.

#CPRinSchools has gained significant support nationally from both senior and junior doctor and was awarded 1st prize at the UKFPO National Presentation Day 2018 as well as being acknowledged by the Prime Minister who invited Dr Soltan to a reception at Downing Street. The UK Government and Education Secretary are committed to providing first aid teaching to children in schools.

Basic Life Support Skills are essential and save lives. The main aims of the project are to empower future generations with vital first aid and Basic Life Support Skills, to encourage closer working between local healthcare providers and schools and to provide opportunities for healthcare trainees to expand their skills and confidence in teaching and leadership by giving them opportunities to organise and teach CPR in schools.

The project has just began to be rolled out in Torbay, with schools showing much interest in getting involved. Most importantly, the students in the first sessions have shown a keen enthusiasm for learning CPR skills, and teachers have valued the input given.'

Sessions are flexible and can either be a lecture theatre of students for 1-2 hours or can be smaller group type sessions running for 45-60 minutes in a classroom. 

Email jonathon.sheen@nhs.net for more information.

The session is accompanied by a step-by-step live  demonstration of how to carry out Basic Life Support accompanied by a PowerPoint Presentation. During the session, there is an opportunity for pupils to volunteer in the live demonstration and practice individually, in pairs or small groups on the mannequins.

Mannequins are provided free of charge to schools by the British Heart Foundation. You can apply for these on the BHF found here.

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