12 June 2019 to 14 June 2019

Hosted by Action To Prevent Suicide CIC

Participate in a 3-day Training for Facilitators. Experience a demonstration of the workshop; learn in a small supportive group; get coaching, tools, and feedback from an expert facilitator.

Suicide is increasing in young children but the signs often go unrecognised.

The ASK Workshop teaches helpers what to watch for and the steps to take to help prevent child suicide.

The ASK Workshop teaches anyone who works with children

  • How children's death understanding is related to suicide risk.
  • What research tells us about children's risk and protective factors.
  • What information to gather to inform safety planning.
  • How to use an evidence-based tool for suicide risk screening.
  • How to organize what you know about a child to inform planning for immediate safety and longer term support.
  • How to overcome challenges to partner with parents and other helpers.

What will you gain from this training:

  • Learn through readings, mini-lecture, group work
  • Practice with case studies and guided simulations
  • Acquire new skills, resources, tools and strategies



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