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Quality assure your speakers

Messages about sex and relationships can be powerful. This is exciting and a wonderful topic to teach, full of values, facts, and feelings. We all want young people to have great quality, accurate and unbiased information.  This excellent guide from the SEF will guide you through some ideas and tips when selecting an external speaker or teacher. 

Don’t be scared!

The evidence is behind you, and so are students, teachers and parents. Engage positively with all and this can support you to deliver a high quality SRE curriculum. . This survey published by the PSHE Association of over 1,000 parents of children aged 18 and under was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the PSHE Association in August 2016. It shows that 92% of parents support the teaching of PSHE education in all schools.


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Update your knowledge

Update your knowledge about sex, relationships, the law, STIS and contraception, sex and relationships in the digital age - do you really know the facts?

What is effective RSE education?

Check the What is effective RSE education? page.