The aim of the supervised tooth brushing programme is to reduce children’s experience of tooth decay & its associated treatment needs. Evidence shows this can be achieved by brushing daily in the learning environment, with fluoride toothpaste, under the supervision of trained staff.

In Torbay, the Special Care Dental Service introduced a supervised tooth brushing scheme in 2011 to a small number of schools in deprived areas. This has been embraced by the reception classes with parents reporting it helps to support tooth brushing at home.  We are thrilled this can now be expanded to over 100 sites (reception and nursery classes) in the most deprived areas of South Devon.

During the Autumn term, they had 50% of the selected sites sign up to take part in this exciting opportunity. They are still keen to get as many selected nurseries and schools involved as soon as they can.

During the winter term, they will continue to contact the sites to discuss the program and arrange training dates for staff who will supervise the tooth brushing program.

They then will support the teachers/staff throughout this programme ensuring there is always help and support available when it’s needed.


Contacts for the supervised tooth brushing programme in the South Devon area are Tracy Andrews, Sally Lacey and Kelly Gillard. 

For further information please email Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust’s Special Care Dental Service