A bereavement of anyone within a setting, be it a parent, a pupil or a member of staff can have a significant impact on those within that community. The loss of someone close through death is a traumatic and painful event for the majority of people. For children and young people the death of someone can be very difficult as they struggle to understand and articulate their feelings.

  • Every 22 minutes a parent of dependent children dies in the UK
  • Up to 70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on their roll at any given time
  • 92% of young people will experience a significant bereavement before the age of 16 years

(Source: Child Bereavement UK)

As children spend a significant amount of time in school/college, professionals in those settings have a significant role in helping to support children and young people experiencing grief. Most young people will not require professional support but they do require the support and understanding of the significant, trusted adults they have in their life.