NSPCC's Childline service gives children and young people a safe and confidential space to talk, be listened to and get support.

Their annual review explores what children and young people are telling Childline during counselling sessions. It looks at who is contacting Childline, why, when and how. It includes a closer look at some of the biggest issues of the year.

The top three concerns young people were counselled about were mental and emotional health; family relationships; and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

“I am so immensely grateful that you were there to listen without telling me I am lying, judging me or making me feel worse about myself and that is the amazing thing about these chats, they can save lives.”

Girl, 14, Belfast Childline base

“Little did I know that not only would being a part of such an amazing organisation be so rewarding, but it would also transform so many other areas of my life. Being at Childline has helped me develop skills that I am able to carry through all aspects of life and work.”

Matt, Childline volunteer

Read more about the report on the NSPCC website

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