New PSHE podcast & guidance — Selecting and working with visitors and speakers.

PSHE are excited to launch our ‘PSHE Talks’ podcast with an episode focussing on selecting and working with visitors and speakers. This is the pilot instalment of what we’re hoping will become a regular series. We share your passion for PSHE, and podcasts are a great opportunity for us to discuss latest PSHE developments and promote best practice.

In this first episode, two of our subject specialists — Nick Boddington and Anne Bell — open with a brief overview of the draft statutory guidance for RSE and health education, followed by an in-depth discussion about external visitors during which they consider some key questions:

  • Which strategies can practitioners use when choosing external visitors?
  • What are the dangers of not embedding external visits in the wider PSHE curriculum?
  • How can we use these external visits/contributions to encourage active learning and what examples of effective practice are there?
  • How can we best make external contributors aware of school policy?

The podcast is based on our recent guidance document: Selecting and working with visitors and speakers — guidance for schools, which is available to download for members.

The document outlines strategies for promoting active learning in sessions involving visitors or external speakers and being selective to ensure they add value to the programme.

Download our Selecting and Working with Visitors guidance

We hope you enjoy the podcast and guidance. If you have any comments or feedback feel free to get in touch.


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