A report outlining the case for making PSHE education a statutory subject

This document brings together compelling evidence that PSHE – when taught well - helps keep children and young people safe, mentally and physically healthy and prepared for life and work. The report highlights support for statutory status from expert bodies, pupils, parents, teachers, business leaders and parliamentarians from across the political spectrum, and outlines key principles on how statutory status can ensure best practice.

The report aims to explain the importance of PSHE education to national policymakers, and will also be useful for PSHE professionals seeking to raise awareness of the importance of the subject locally. A summary of key points are shown below:

  • PSHE education should be taught;
  • regularly – regular lessons on the timetable like other subjects
  • as a whole subject – from relationships & sex education to mental health, online safety to employability skills
  • by trained teachers – PSHE covered in teacher training and ongoing opportunities to learn
  • in all schools – all schools including academies and free schools
  • to all pupils – from year 1 to finishing secondary school

Download 'A curriculum for life: the case for statutory PSHE education'

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